Vascular Virtual Reality : Science or Science Fiction

Vascular surgery has always been at the forefront of medical technology. Stefan Ponosh and Ponosh Vascular are committed to providing you the most up to date, technologically advanced and world class treatment available. In the rapidly advancing space of  minimally invasive endovascular or “key hole” vascular and vein treatments, these technologies provide our patients excellent outcomes, rapid recovery and most importantly getting you feeling and looking your best.

Ponosh Vascular always keeps our eye on the latest vascular trends and technologies. Whilst not available just yet, Philips in partnership with Microsoft has unveiled a unique mixed reality concept for the operating room of the future. Using new generation computing and cardiovascular imaging systems this technology will allow augmented virtual reality for image-guided minimally invasive therapies such as angiograms, stents and endovascular aneurysm repairs. The technology allows surgeons such as Mr Ponosh  to wear a headset to access a virtual screen displaying data updated in real time during procedures.  

This “operating room of the future”  brings live imaging and other sources of vital data currently displayed on large 2D screens into a 3D holographic augmented reality environment that can be ergonomically, easily and intuitively controlled by the surgeon. This allows more accurate, detailed and advanced treatments with better outcomes.

“The transition from open surgery to image-guided procedures has driven a seismic shift in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs—not least by dramatically reducing the length of time a patient stays in a hospital after their procedure,” said Atul Gupta, Chief Medical officer for at Philips. This technology takes minimally invasive endovascular treatments  to the next level, immersing the surgeon in a tailored augmented reality environment.

Whilst holograms may appear to be a thing of science fiction, so too was the concept of fixing aneurysms or blocked arteries through tiny “key hole” incisions, with minimal recovery time not so long ago. Ponosh Vascular will always provide you the latest and best treatment solutions in Western Australia.

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