Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins often present as thin, small veins that lay flat or slightly raised as clusters or diffuse veins over your legs and feet. These veins are different from varicose veins because they are situated much closer or within the overlying skin. They are primarily a cosmetic issue that can be treated through lifestyle changes and non-invasive procedures.

Spider Vein Symptoms & Treatment Options

The foremost symptom for spider veins is their appearance. They often show up as red or bluish-purple veins that splay out like a spider’s legs. Spider veins don’t often have any other associated symptoms; however, they can cause a burning sensation or mild discomfort on a rare occasion.

Conservative spider vein treatment options include lifestyle changes such as wearing a compression stocking, exercise and elevation of the affected area.

For more severe cases of spider veins, Dr Ponosh can perform a number of  minimally invasive techniques to improve your symptoms and cosmetic appearance. Spider vein treatment is simple and low risk.

These minimally invasive treatments include :

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Seeing Dr Ponosh

In order to seek spider vein treatment with Dr Ponosh, a medical referral is required. Your GP may contact Dr Ponosh’s office directly, however in some cases they will provide you a referral to contact the office yourself. Dr Ponosh’s helpful and attentive team are on hand to assist you through the process of making an appointment with Dr Ponosh. Staff may also contact you directly. For further information please regarding referrals, click here.

When you visit Dr Ponosh, he will first undertake a full history and appropriate examination to best understand your condition. In many instances (if required), he will order appropriate tests before he sees you to streamline your management and avoid unnecessary appointments. These tests are bulk billed at all times if possible. These tests most commonly include an ultrasound of your legs and occasionally your abdomen. In some cases, additional tests and appointments may be required.

Based upon Dr Ponosh’s expert review, an appropriate treatment plan will be suggested and explained to you in an open, straight-forward, jargon-free manner with all options and questions addressed. We will also discuss the cost involved for your spider vein treatment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on (08) 9386 6200.