Ponosh Vascular established our own independent fully accredited integrated vascular ultrasound service, Perth VascularScan in 2020.  Despite Mr Ponosh having extensive ultrasound training and Ponosh Vascular having in-house ultrasound for several years for vein treatments and limited studies, it was decided to establish VascularScan to provide the very best integrated and comprehensive ultrasound diagnosis and surveillance service. Ponosh Vascular truly becomes a “one stop shop” for vascular diagnosis and treatment.  

 Having our own dedicated service allows us to have the highest quality imaging, direct control and of course the best service for our patients. Vascular outcomes are often based on the quality of our imaging and with our state of the art service, our quality is second to none. With the establishment of our new rooms, specialised ultrasound rooms, beds and equipment to provide a world class service have been created.

Perth VascularScan is directly supervised and reported by Mr Ponosh with two fully accredited dedicated expert vascular sonographers (ultrasound technicians) undertaking your scans.  VascularScan’s dedicated receptionist will be in contact with you to arrange all your ultrasound appointments.

All ultrasounds are bulk-billed with a valid Medicare card.

Perth VascularScan is co-located in the rooms with Ponosh Vascular at Hollywood Consulting Centre.

All ultrasounds are reviewed by Mr Ponosh and your referring GP or specialist will be made aware of the results.

Please contact Perth VascularScan on :

 Telephone : 08 6118 2154

Email : admin@perthvascuscan.com.au

GP and specialist referrals welcome.

While we will endeavour too co-ordinate ultrasounds with appointments with Mr Ponosh, this is not always possible. Priority for same day reviews are made for country patients and those with medical requirements.