New State of the Art Angiography System at Hollywood Hospital

West Australians will have access to a new state-of-the-art hybrid imaging system, as the Siemens Healthineers ARTIS Pheno angiography system, goes live at Hollywood Private Hospital. Mr Ponosh was the first Endovascular Surgeon to use the amazing new system.  The Pheno brings the latest, class leading technology and benefits to Mr Ponosh’s patient’s undergoing minimally invasive arterial angiograms, venous imaging and complex aneurysm repairs.

The system integrates amazing large field image quality, robotic technology to independently move the system, rotational intra-vascular CT imaging and merged imaging capabilities allowing CT images to be incorporated into patients angiogram.

The Pheno allows Mr Ponosh to perform a far broader range of procedures on a more diverse range of patients, regardless of their build, age or medical conditions. The system will create a ‘one-stop-shop’ interventional vascular imaging and treatment at Hollywood Private Hospital.

The system will allow patients to undergo already low-risk minimally invasive procedures in an even safer, more accurate and precise environment.

Mr Ponosh said that the new installation is set to revolutionise patient treatment and outcomes. “The innovation of the robotic ARTIS pheno system allow me to treat a more complex and challenging range of patients and their conditions with improved safety, state of the art technology and most importantly improved results. I’m excited to have this world class technology available at Hollywood and to my patients,” he said.



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