New Emergency Department at Hollywood Hospital

Construction of Hollywood Private Hospital’s new Emergency Department (ED) has commenced. The only private ED in Perth’s northern suburbs, this new development is the final stage of the $200 million development and expansion of the Hollywood Campus.

This is an amazing addition to the hospital and will provide a significant benefit for patients at Ponosh Vascular. It will allow simple and easy admission for new patients, streamlined admission for existing patients and a will provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week support.

The 14 bed ED will be combined with 3 new wards.

Allowing private patients the choice to directly admit to Hollywood rather than face the difficulties of a public ED is a huge advantage. Hollywood should be congratulated for putting the care of their patients first!

Ponosh Vascular looks forward to the opening in 2021!

Article published in Post Newspaper 9 May 2020.

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