Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This is why you shouldn’t agree to be a part of Christmas decorations … Reindeer or donkey … I’m not sure!

Its been a long and busy year with a hectic last few weeks as December always is! The team at Ponosh Vascular & I would like to say thank you to our patients, theatre and endovascular teams, ward nurses, orderlies, company representatives and everyone else behind the scenes that allows us to do what we do. 

We wish you all the merriest of Merry Christmas’, the festivest of festive seasons, and the brightest of New Years. 

2020 is a huge year for us at Ponosh Vascular with so many exciting announcements and changes. I look forward to keeping you all up to date with our exciting journey!

The office is close from Monday 23rd December, re-opening on Thursday 2nd January. I will be as always available so if needed please call me via the Hollywood Private Hospital switch on 9346 6000.

Keep safe, enjoy the time with your families, think of others and the world at large.

Merry Christmas!

Stefan Ponosh


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