Making an appointment to see Mr Ponosh at Ponosh Vascular is very simple.

To see Mr Ponosh, a referral letter from your General Practitioner or Specialist is needed. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us even before you have a referral to address any questions or queries you have.

In many circumstances your referring doctor may send us a referral directly. We will then contact you to make an appointment.

However if your referring doctor  has provided you the referral please do not hesitate in contacting Mr Ponosh’s friendly staff directly on :

Phone :  08 9386 6200
Email :
Fax :      08 6389 2222

All referrals are individually reviewed by Mr Ponosh and are prioritised for an appointment based upon  the urgency and the nature of your complaint.

Mr Ponosh’s team will go through the simple referral and appointments process with you in detail providing additional information in writing to you via the post or email.

We are a No-Gap private practice for all inpatient or in-hospital care. However due to Health Fund restrictions, Silver or Gold cover is required. Vascular or Vein treatment (and many other specialities) is not covered by Private Health Fund Bronze Cover.

We unfortunately do not see Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation cases. 

Whilst we see public patients at the request of your referrer to expedite your assessment, Mr Ponosh does not practice in the public sector and if hospital treatment is needed you may require this in the public sector not under Mr Ponosh’s care.

Information Forms

If you are a new patient to Ponosh Vascular, we will ask you to complete a Patient Information, Medical History and Privacy Form. Mr Ponosh’s office can forward them to you or they can be found in the link below be printed out below to streamline your appointment process. Please return them via the above contact details or bring them with you to your appointment.

Please click here to print out Patient Registration Form


Please bring a up to date list with you to your appointment.

Prior Tests

If you have had any prior relevant tests, please let Mr Ponosh’s staff know as these can be easily obtain electronically for you and our convenience


Without a valid referral, you will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate for your consultation with Mr Ponosh. Please ensure your referring doctor has forwarded your referral directly to our rooms, otherwise please ensure that you bring in, post, fax or email your referral to us.

Unfortunately indefinite referrals are not accepted.


Prior to your appointment, in many cases Mr Ponosh may want you to have an ultrasound or a CT scan (depending on your condition). This is done to streamline your appointment with Mr Ponosh and avoid any unnecessary appointments and delays. This imaging is bulk-billed in almost all instances with no cost to you. 

Ultrasound imaging is normally undertaken by our specialised in-house vascular ultrasound service, Perth VascularScan. This is located within the rooms of Ponosh Vascular. Please click here for more information about Perth Vascuscan.

CT imaging, MRI imaging and occasionally other imaging is undertaken at external radiological practices such as Perth Radiological Clinic (PRC), SKG, Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging (DNI) or Envision Radiology. Whilst we attempt to request bulk billed imaging from these providers, it is not always possible, especially in the case of certain MRI scans, due to Medicare and Provider limitations.