Launch of Ponosh Vascular New Website

We are excited to announce the launch of Ponosh Vascular’s newly designed website – In partnership with Swish Design, Ponosh Vascular’s new user friendly site is focused on the needs of our patients and their families. Our new website was created with you in mind.

The navigation, functionality and layout has been designed using the latest technology, and allows you to seamlessly find your way around the site. Each component is a reflection of Ponosh Vascular’s commitment to make your vascular health care experience easier and more streamlined.

From information about Mr Stefan Ponosh and his the team, detailed but easy to understand information covering many common vascular topics from aneurysms to varicose veins and streamlined referral and contact information, the site aims to provide both a simple first point of contact and ongoing education resource for our patients and families.

We are particularly proud of our “Patient Portal”, allowing patients to log in to a selection of video’s created by Mr Stefan Ponosh to provide information and insights into your vascular and vein conditions and treatment just like in a real consultation with Mr Ponosh himself.

Please let us know via our Contact Page or our social media links if you have any thoughts or comments on the site as we would love to hear from you.

Coming soon with be Ponosh Vascular’s sister site, Perth Comprehensive Vein Clinic. Keep an eye out for it … it’s your one stop solution for all your vein problems!

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